Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip to Benguet

From Sagada, we are bound for Benguet

Back to the harsh road... Benguet is a 4-5 hours drive from Sagada..
yeah, we should be all ready for that long trip again with a zigzag road and all that...

But along the way, we enjoyed the majestic view of endless mountains and terraces landscapes. Be it a rice or vegetable terraces. They're all over Mountain Province. And its really an amazing sight.

^ vegetable terraces

Mountain Province

I even saw the house of Marky Cielo on our way.. I saw his giant tarpaulin hanging on the wall just outside the house. And had noticed that there's been a lot of people outside.

So there, we're heading to Benguet to visit the newly bought house of tita alice at Genesis Point Village in Irisan, Benguet. A 45 mins drive to Baguio City.

But since we're already at Benguet, we visited the famous Strawberry field in La trinidad... There's been a wide, wide field of strawberry.  

It also has a very nice setting, quite amazing.

We didnt picked up strawberry there but instead we just bought the ones that is already in a basket. For 55/kilo. Not bad really. I have known lately that during peak season, the strawberry cost as high as 150+ / kilo.

This is the end of our Mountainous North Luzon Escapade.

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