Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Vacation in Bicol

Okey am back. So what did i miss? I guess a lot.

Been on a vacation for almost 2 mos. in Bicol. From July 05- Aug 15, '09. It's been quite a while since I've been home. I make it apoint to go there at least once a year. I love to be with my family.

Unfortunately, during our stay there, can't keep in touch on line often due to my globe tattoo's very poor connection. Argh! i hate it. it eats my prepaid load out of use... I almost run out of patience. Yet i had no choice, i still had to use it so i can communicate with hubby thru ym and skype.

In general, our vacation was full of fun. I had breathe the fresh air of nature again. Ate good foods. and bond with my couz and with the rest of the family. But i think it's Klyne who enjoyed the most. He enjoyed playing with his tito and tita's. Fly a paper plane. He had endless playtime under the sun which resulted him into dark-skinned. He had eaten a lot. He loved riding the "padyak" (Tri-bike) Most of all, he enjoyed feeding the animals like chicken, doves then chased them afterwards.. lolz

My lil boy- Klyne smile excitedly as we're waiting to get on board
He watched barney while waiting...

Klyne poses for the camera with the beautiful view of Mayon Volcano on the
background upon arriving at Legaspi airport

It seems like Mayon Volcano is welcoming us by showing its
breath-taking view

The famous halo halo in Albay. Specifically located at the town of Tiwi, Albay
The DJC halo halo!

Oh well, it's my first time to have tasted their halo halo. But unfortunately, i found nothing special on it. I just wonder why mostly everybody love it that it even became famous not only in town but with almost 'round the country. Oh maybe it's because im preggy. Well you know, preggos have weird taste most of the time.. (roll-eyes). Im really looking forward to taste it again---of course i'll make sure im not preggy that time.

My abuelo and abuela. Sweet. Love 'em so much.

Ok, so here's the "padyak" that im talking about.
It's an exciting ride which can only be seen in Bicol... i think!

I missed going to resorts and beaches there due to my condition. Well, there will always be next time. Hopefully next year, on summer vacation we'll go there again, with hubby this time.
I love going to Bicol. I know i'll always go back there. It's my home and it's where my clan is.

See more pix at:

Our vacation in Bicol


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