Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boracay Getaway '11

Magnificent view of the beach <3 td="td">

Sand castle

my baby princess <3 td="td">

we stayed at La Carmela de Boracay

La Carmela de Boracay facade

henna tattoo
*** Blog article to follow...*Nov. 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Anniversary Getaway to BOHOL

 Our 5th year Anniversary

Bohol Getaway: March 22-25, 2010
Via Cebu Pacific airlines


Day 1 > Manila to Tagbilaran then went to Panglao. Accomodation Hunting. Beach bumming.

Day 2 > Countryside day tour ( Baclayon church, Chocolate Hills, hanging bridge, man-made forest, Loboc river cruise, tarsier encounter, Phyton and Ostrich encounter, Hinagdanan cave, blood compact site)

Day 3 > Sea tour (dolphin watching, balicasag island, virgin island)

Day 4 > Beach bumming. Off to Tagbilaran airport going back to Manila

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March 22

Departure: 10 am we're off to Naia terminal 3 for our 12:10pm flight to Tagbilaran via Cebu pacific

Arrival: Tagbilaran 1:25pm

From Tagbilaran airport, we've been picked up by hubby's friend then headed to Panglao which is only 25 minutes away from the airport. Then we looked for a place where we can stay.. Our first stop was at Dumaluan Beach resort. We inquired for a room. Standard room is for P1,300. Single bed, with aircon and without tv. The rest is P2,500 up... The place was real nice and the beach was really refreshing. No floating boats by the shore so you can have a nice view at the beach.

Second stop was at Bohol Divers Resort situated at Alona beach. Room rates starts at P600 (for 2pax with two single bed, private cr with shower, electric fan) P800 for 2-4pax, P1600 (for 2pax with 1 queen size bed, private cr, electric fan). Rooms with aircon is for P2,500 and up...

We opted to stay at Bohol divers and got the standard room. Just being practical since we're out most of the day and we just needed a place to rest in at night.

 Since its already late in the afternoon when we arrived in Tagbilaran, we just stayed at the resort and went for a splash in the pool and beach bumming. At night, we went for a walk by the shore. We explored the place of alona beach from Bohol divers resort to Amorita resort. It was such a nice evening walk. Imagine a couple in H2W2- Holding Hands While Walking :-) cheezzy!... The night was so alive with lots of people dining at the beachfront. We also witnessed a live show which is a fire dance as we passed by one of the resorts nearby. Looks amazing! I enjoyed watching it.

 Oh, and we got a big slice of cake for free when we went to a store located in Alona seaside to buy a bottled water and i spotted a cake which made me crave for a dessert. I wanted to buy one slice of it but instead they gave me two slices... for free! I learned that its the store owner's birthday so its ok to treat the guest. Well, no wonder Boholanos are known for their kindness.

Earlier the next day, we're up for our countryside tour. We had our breakfast first at BDR's resto before leaving. I ordered their Filipino breakfast worth P100 - tocino, sunny-side up egg, fried danggit, plain rice plus hot choco.
Day 2- Country side tour: Bohol's Attractions

Baclayon Church
- is said to be the second oldest church in the Philippines. Its a wrong timing when we went there because the church was closed. Sad that i didn't saw its interior.

*** No entrance fee.

Chocolate Hills
- is one of nature's most magnificent wonders. Bohol's most famous tourist attractions. We took the 200 steps up to its view deck and its really challenging. But once you reach the top, the amazing view will surely ease your tiredness.

***Entrance fee- P50/person

^ way up
^ way down

Hanging Bridge

- it is made of bamboo and hanging above Loboc river. I found it exciting since its my first time to walk on a hanging bridge above a river.

*** Entrance fee- P10/person

Man-made forest
- a two- kilometer rainforest planted with mahogany trees that is uniformed in height. It's made of Boholanos labor of love. Stunningly beautiful and very refreshing.

***No entrance fee.

Loboc River Cruise
- on board of a 'floating restaurant' where a buffet of local delicacies is served. Food here was fine and a band is serenading while the visitors are cruising and eating. The trip ends at the cascading mini waterfall called Busay falls. Here, guests are treated with Boholanos native songs by local rondalla group situated under a floating cottage. And they have really good voices.

*** Fee: P350/ person

^ while waiting for our boat
Tarsier Encounter
- Tarsiers are considered to be the world's smallest primate. These are nocturnal animals with large eyes and strange-looking toes. It was only about 4 to 6 inches tall.

*** No entrance fee. Donation only.

Blood compact
- a very historic site in Bohol.

*** No entrance fee.

Phyton encounter
- the phyton named Prony was said to be the longest and biggest phyton in captivity.

*** Entrance fee- P10/person

Hinagdanan Cave
- inside of this cave, you'll see beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations. There's also a lagoon which the water is said to be fresh and cold. It seems so deep that i got scared to go near as if something out of the water will pull me.. Silly thoughts! Its slippery and dark inside the cave that you may hardly see this lagoon so just be careful with your steps. Also expect a foul smell since this cave is also a bat's place.

*** Entrance fee- P15/ person; Parking fee- P15

Day 3- Sea tour

Dolphin Watching
- seeing the dolphins in the wild doing acrobatics is a very good sight to be seen. Best time to see them is at dawn just before the sunrise. Unfortunately, we didn't capture any good shots. Its probably because they showed up really fast. But i was very happy to have seen them many times though its not clearer enough because whenever they showed up, we're far behind. I admit that we're not that fortunate to see them closer... Sad!

Island Hopping> Balicasag Island
- after the dolphin watching we sailed away to the small island of Balicasag. The sun was already up and it's super hot.
Balicasag Marine Sanctuary

Aboard of a mini boat (good for 2 pax) off we went to the Marine Sanctuary which i think is only 2-3mins away from balicasag island dive resort. Its better if you have your snorkeling gear and aqua shoes with you, so you don't have to rent it there which will cost P150 each/ pax. Good thing i got ours for free :)

I was super excited to go snorkeling and i enjoyed it bigtime. I encountered countless colored fishes and corals are everywhere... they all look so beautiful. I just can't take enough pictures of them. The underwater world is truly amazing. A haven for school of fishes and corals. From the shoreline the water suddenly runs deep and it scares me a bit. So I only stayed at the shallow water where i can still hold my feet on the ground because i ain't a swimmer and i got scared to go deeper even if i have a life jacket on. But i didn't let my scariness totally spoiled the fun of being underwater and see the world underneath. I even wanna try to go scuba diving... someday! Oh how i wish...

*** Rent of motorized boat- P1300
Snorkeling gear- free
aqua shoes- free
mini boat- 150/ pax

Virgin Island
- an enchanting paradise of Panglao. The view is truly breath-taking. The finest white sand and clear blue sea is so inviting to take a dip. I was just so excited to take a splash but before that a photo opt is great with a super nice background view...

If you're a seafood lover, you can also try these sea urchins. I've been told, its a good delicacy. I didn't know its edible until hubby's mom requested to buy some for them. It tastes good, they say. But i wouldn't try tasting one. It looks strange for me.

After the island hopping, we went back to Bohol Divers resort, took a splash at the pool and enjoy the view at the beachfront. After a little while of rest, it's beach bumming time, baby!
So much for the tiring whole day tour, now its time for a delicious dinner...
We had our dinner at Bohol divers resort resto.. the food was great and worth a penny.


Day 4- last day in Bohol

We took a morning walk at the seaside and stroll around Alona beach. Then back to our resort we had our breakfast at the beachfront. Food at Bohol divers is fairly good for its affordable cost.
I ordered their so-called American breakfast: french bread, scrambled egg, bacon, jam, hot choco and mango juice. BURP!

Goodbye, Bohol

At 12noon, we headed to Tagbilaran airport for our 1:55pm flight back to Manila. I'll be missin Bohol for sure but i had been so occupied with excitement of going back home to see my baby princess and lil prince whom i really missed.

So long... Bohol!

Breakdown of expenses:

4,428.48 (2,214.24/pax) roundtrip ticket via Cebu Pacific
400 (200/pax)- terminal fee
1000- roundtrip airport transfer
1800 (600/night)- accomodation @ Bohol divers resort
100- dinner for two
230- grocery (bottled water, softdrinks, piattos, biscuits)
85- Mango shake
60 (30@)- bottled mineral water
200 (100/pax)- breakfast @ Bohol divers resto..
100 (50/pax)- chocolate hills entrance fee
700 (350/pax)- Loboc river cruise
20 (10/pax)- hanging bridge entrance fee
20 (10/pax)- phyton encounter- fee
45 (15/pax +15 parking) - hinagdanan cave entrance fee
2000- Countryside tour c/o driver Jun from RJ
102- dinner for two
1300- Seatour c/0 Oye (highly recommended- 09076389408)
300 (150/pax)- small banca @ balicasag island to marine sanctuary
370- lunch at bohol divers resto (180/mixed seafood sizzling, 150/pork spare ribs, 20/2mineral water
100- halohalo
500- pasalubong
P13,860.48 Total expenses for 2 pax. Not bad, huh!


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