Sunday, February 22, 2009

We Survived SAGADA

From Banaue we headed to Sagada. We had taken the Banaue- Bontoc- Sagada route. Banaue to Bontoc is a two-hour ride while Bontoc to Sagada is a 45 mins. ride.

Our travel from Banaue to Sagada is a big adventure. We were uphill and the zigzag road was harsh and rough. 

The rain poured hard which terrified us of the occuring landslides along the steep road. We witnessed how the sands, and big rocks literally fall off from the mountain just infront of us which caused to blocked the road. We have to standby while the trailers and big trucks are taking it all out.

We arrived at Sagada nearing sunset. So we stayed at George guest house extension to sleep over for a night. We have been told that the building is new, so all is clean and fresh. Accomodation rate is 200/head/ night. The room was big with cozy beds, bath towels, 2 separate comfort rooms for men & women with water heater each, and with a small balcony.

^ here's the view from the balcony...

 was a small town in Mountain Province.

Attractions here includes:

Sumaging Cave- unfortunately we missed this. We didnt get to visit this cave due to hard- rain. But i learned that it was the most famous and beautiful caves in town. Visitors should register first at the town hall and will be given a guide. No one is allowed to go there without a guide.

Burial Cave- this one too we didnt get to visit. i've known that this is where you can see a large stack of coffins put on top of another.

Sugong Hanging coffins- this is the only one that we saw. It's truly a mystery and unique in the world. Coffins are literally hanged on the mountain cliffs. It has been said that its a burial practice done by the people of Sagada century ago. And im not sure if people there nowadays still do the same. 

It's really an amazing yet very mysterious sight.

The next day, we're all ready for the next trip which is to Benguet. But before leaving Sagada, we passed by Sagada's church called St. Mary's church.

^ the church's interior

On our way to the church, we passed by an old, rustic giant bell.

More photos at:
We survived SAGADA

Next trip: Benguet

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